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Time and Money and Economics and Jobs and... and...

Sometimes it frustrates me that I don't have enough time in the day.

For instance, I think we'd be healthier if I cooked more things from scratch, but between a 12 hour day (with commute), exercise (3 nights a week from 7-8pm), (still) trying to get the business up and running, and trying to do some creative stuff (crochet, halloween, christmas), I feel like I have to cut corner in the food department.

If I were staying home, I would probably be making jams, bread, granola, baking a whole turkey, slicing it for Eric's sammies, using the rest of the meat in a casserole an using the carcass for a soup. I would probably have a year round garden to cut down on our fresh fruit, veggie, and herb costs. But this sort of stuff takes plain old time. So it comes down to, submit my whole Sunday to food, giving me a 6 day workweek, or doing more work during the weeknights, meaning I sacrifice sleep.

I know people did this... worked from sundown to sunup and then worked some more... and maybe I'm just spoiled with my leisure time... and I think that I'm probably more productive than a lot of people in the combination of things I do in the time I do it in, I just wish I could squeeze a few more hours in so I could still get 8 hours and be a more wholesome cook.

As it stands we have a frozen pizza once a week for dinner. But I always microwave some frozen veggies! Woot!
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