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Happy Friday!

We're currently listening to THRILLER on Pandora.

But I woke up with "Debra" by Blondie.


Dood dood, check it out , hubby and I made a list of Christmas Presents we're buying everyone so we can spread the gifts out over time.

Our original plan of having the Credit Card Paid off by September has been postponed until January due a fender bender that Eric got into that we decided to just settle outside of insurance and the need to get heating oil. But that's okay, we're still well on our way, and then I can move all of that money over to the student loan in February to knock that off. I'm pretty excited. PROGRESS!

PS. My funk is apparently gone. I've got my twinkle and sense of humor back. It's excellent. Leaves me full of mischief. See Icon.

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