iheartiheart (iheartiheart) wrote,

Shoe PORN: Halloween Costume Shoes

If you know me... you know that I start my Halloween Costume in August or September because I do about 4-6 costumes a year (not ALL for me...).

This year, my crew is doing Clue. We've got Colonel Mustard, Mr. Green, Miss Scarlett, Professor Plum, and me, Mrs. Peacock.

Now I'm trying to pick out shoes to match my outfit... It's a dark blue/green chiffon halter dress (a la Marilyn), covered in peacock feathers and black and white polka-dot trim/jewelry, I plan on wearing fishnets with a seam in the back, a tiny peacock hat with a bird cage, a mustard colored vintage clutch and an iridescent overcoat with an ENORMOUS belt.

Help me pick out some shooooes:




I Like:

Felicia by Fitzwell at Zappos.comFelicia
by FitzwellZappos.com - Powered by Service

(these match my purse)


C. http://zeta.zappos.com/product/7409814/color/396


D. http://zeta.zappos.com/product/7254385/color/401

What do YOU think?

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